PHP with PDO: Build Task List Project with PDO, PHP & MySQL

Learn PHP Data Object or PDO by Building Task List Project. Let's Make Your Database Queries Secured and Fast with PDO Welcome to the "PHP with PDO: Build Task List Project with PDO, PHP & MySQL" course! In this course you are going to learn how to work with and how to implement PHP Data Object or PDO wherever you need PDO is the best way to access databases in PHP among other option exists. PDO is not database specific, so we can use it to connect and control data for a very broad selection of databases. PDO is most secured and easy way to access any database. PDO stands for PHP Data Object. PDO is built in with Object Oriented feature. No worries if you don't have OOP concept. It's great to have but not required. In this course you will learn how to use PHP Data Object (PDO) to Create, read, update, delete data database and more. In this course I goes right to the point so no more wasting time. What do I mean by task list? I mean, we will be building a task list that would be a task(crud operation) with a list of users! My Approach In this course I use simple examples that can be easy to understand the concept of PDO. COURSE CONTENT: Section 2: CRUD Operation with PDO In this section you are going to learn basics about PDO. And how make CRUD Operation with PDO Section 3: Let's build a task list project In this section of this course we are going to build a simple task list project. See you inside! Who this course is for: Who want to learn to secured web application with PHP Who want to learn how to work with PDO Who want to implement PDO with PHP anywhere


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