MongoDB - The Beginners Bootcamp

An Introduction to MongoDB. Learn the Foundations by CREATING a DATABASE, COLLECTION and WRITING QUERIES This is a hands-on learning course for anyone looking to learn or refresh their skills with MongoDB. The objective of this course is to teach you all of the basic functions and methods of MongoDB in an easy and direct manner. By learning the basics of MongoDB first, you will prepare yourself well for more advance MongoDB database development projects in the future. In this course you will learn How to CREATE COLLECTION's, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and DROP. In addition you will also learn how to use COMPARISON & LOGICAL OPERATORS, and AGGREGATION. Here is a complete list of the topics in this course: CREATE / USE a Database CREATE a Collection INSERT ( ) Methods - Documents into a Collection UPDATE a Collection FIND ( ) COMPARISON Operators: $eq $gt $lt $gte $lte $ne $in $nin LOGICAL Operators: $and $or $not $nor QUERING a Collection SORT ( ) LIMIT ( ) SKIP ( ) MAX & MIN ( ) PROJECTION Queries QUERING an Array CREATE Relationships $Lookup DELETE / DROP Who this course is for: Any interested in Database or Data Science


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