Python Programming For Absolute Beginners

Learn Python programming language in very easy to follow instructions. Welcome to the course on Python programming for absolute beginners. Python is one of the most in demand skill in today's software industry and entry point to get started with data science analytics machine learning and AI world. Python is one of the most favourite language among data scientist. I have designed this course for absolute beginners to get started with Python. This course is not for experience Python developer. Following topics of python we will cover throughout this whole course Anaconda distribution for python Jupyter notebook Python basic data type number integer float string Boolean Different collections available in Python list tuple dictionary and sets How to create a custom function in Python and lambda expression Decision making and looping in Python. Every single video English course his hands on Python programming to understand the Python concept. I hope you are excited to enter world of python data science and machine learning. Thanks Ankit Mistry Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to learn Python Programming Anyone who wants to dive into data science and analytic, This is entry point Anyone who want to get started software career with python language.


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