Es6 complete package of accelerated training

ES6 ( ECMAscript 6 ) : One of the best guide on ES6 for accelerated on ECMAscript 6 Prepare yourself for world class coding using new features of ES6 This course on ES6 will help you analyze your skill set and build a strong base appropriate to the coding jobs outside. There are many programmers finding difficulty with limited knowledge of the concepts of Javascript to hold their positions , this course is surely for them as it will help them create web applications or any other coding project very easily using ES6 features . Some of the concepts covered are: The spread operator Special case of the name property Clarifying the dual purpose of functions And many more interesting and helpful concepts The best part of this tutorial on Es6 is that here every theoretical concept is explained with proper explanation using real-time examples and even the execution and output of the programs is shown for the benefit of the user. This comprehensive course covers all the essential features of ES6 and Javascript modifications. Since the world of coding is ever changing with more and more technological advancement this course is up to the mark to keep you updated. This course on ES6 will appear to be helpful to those who are starting afresh in Javascript to all the advanced level programmers finding difficulty in some concepts or with the use of modified features of ES6. Enroll now to experience a whole new world of web applications and programming Who this course is for: This course is for all , basic learners to intermediate learners to advanced learners This course on ES6 will also be helpful to those with some knowledge of Javascript willing to modify their skill set Anyone interested in learning new features of ES6


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