Learn Php MVC, Jquery Mobile for A Mobile Success Tracker

Master Your Programming, and get the best designed course In this course, we are going to make a mobile friendly success tracker that is with the programming languages, PHP, j query and java script. The idea is to build a foundation of best coding practices using classes and model view controller to make everything an object. We begin learning about the software used for web development and from there we build a database class, and use a mobile frame so you can start tracking your way to success whether is steps, reps, or emotions. Our one size fits all app is just what you need. Do you want to be able to -Learn Model View Controller and simple skills? -Code with PHP basics and advanced methods? -Learn how to code classes and other data structures? This Course is for you! These things might be helpful to know: Learn the difference between javascript and php when coding for files. Also HTML and ability to debug public code Who this course is for: A beginner to novice computer programmer looking to build their first app and take on a challenging task


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