python for beginners 2019

Learn Python like a Professional! Start from the basics and go all the way by creating your own applications! By Manish Hello and welcome to brand new series of python programming. In this series i will teach you guys all you need to know about python. This series is designed for beginners but that doesn't means that i will not talk about the advanced stuff as well. As you may all know by now that my approach of teaching is very simple and straightforward.In this series i will be talking about the all the things you need to know to jump start you python programming skills. This series is designed for noobs who are totally new to programming, so if you don't know anything about programming than this is the way to go guys. In this tutorial i will talk about all the basic introduction you need to know about python, which python version to choose, how to install python, how to get around with the interface, how to code your first program. Then we will talk about:- Python introduction and installation operators expressions numbers strings booleans lists dictionaries tuples Functions Scope Built-in Functions Debugging and Error Handling Modules classes and objects web scrapping networking Exception handling databases emails and GUI programming. List of projects 1. Guess the number 2. Guess the word using speech recognition 3. Love Calculator 4. Google search in python 5. Image download from a link 6. Click and save image using openCV 7. Ludo game dice simulator 8. open wikipedia on command prompt 9. Password generator 10. QR code reader and generator With Lots of exercises and more fun stuff, let's get started. Who this course is for: student Commercials


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