Become an HTML Expert (With HTML5)

Learn everything you'll need to know in HTML. Including XHTML, SVG, HTML5 and a little bit of CSS This course is designed to teach you everything you will ever need to know in HTML. You will learn over 90 different HTML tags. As well as many attributes that you didn't even know existed. You will learn how to make great forms and awesome tables via code alongs. Where I explain exactly what's going on with the code and why it's working. You will be challenged regularly during this course. The challenges are fun and unique. This course will have 24/7 QA support to answer any questions you have. I will continue to update this course, adding more useful information and more unique challenges. There will be quizzes, so pay attention! Who this course is for: Those who have no knowledge of HTML. Those who have a basic understanding of HTML.


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