Webserver database with Visual Baisc

Using Webserver as Database Friends , Data sefty is most important task for developer. one of the best solution for data security is to use Webserver as Database . in webserver lots of facility available through control panel . you can save backup of your database. so this is system provide more reliable way to keep your data in secure manner. Using Webserver Not only provide data security ,but it also provide accessibility from different location through internet connectivity.this facility provide ability to your application use as multi user environment.. when you use this type application then it can possible to make enterprise level application where more then one branch situated in more then one place and require to connect through internet. in this tutorial you can also learn about creating table in sql server database with required parameter and datatype. this tutorial covers form design in visual basic and connectivity part of application development . i have separate each section in video tutorial to make it easy understandable. Who is the target audience? Anyone who want ot learn this course


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