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Learn Tuple Objects,Sets,Functions and Parameters in Python

Learn Tuple Objects, Sets, Functions and Parameters with detail Explanations for Beginners to Expert In this Course will clearly explain about Pytho

HTML CSS and JavaScript for Beginners - Web Design Course

Explore how to build amazing interactive and dynamic websites using HTML - CSS - JavaScript and jQuery Explore how you can create websites from scra

Excel Pivot Tables in a Nutshell

Learn how to use Excel Pivot Tables at work plus one killer trick. Works with any Excel version! Do you know why so many people use Pivot Tables i

Web Application Development with Yii PHP Framework

Learn how to use Yii to develop a practical web application and its usage This beginners training on Yii PHP Framework is the most comprehensive Yii

Game Development (Android + IOS): Build 12 Apps & Games

Build 12 Cool Projects-- 2048 game, Flappy Bird, Credit Card Validation, Scientific Calculator etc. with Python!! Welcome to Python Programming worl