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Form Submission Application using Google Suite Google Script

No Database or Server solution to send and log emails from your website using Google Script and JavaScript This is the solution you have been lookin

Master HTML in 60 mins

The ultimate course for beginners to kickstart programming career If you have never done programming, but you are willing to, then you can't be in a

Become an HTML Expert (With HTML5)

Learn everything you'll need to know in HTML. Including XHTML, SVG, HTML5 and a little bit of CSS This course is designed to teach you everything yo

CSS3 Crash Course in Less than 3 Hours

CSS3 Fundamentals and Rapid Course to CSS- Explained Examples with project - Styling HTML5 Pages Crash Course on CSS and CSS3, from basics to expert

Responsive Web Development with HTML5 & CSS3 For Beginners

Web Development for Absolute Beginners.Build 6 Amazing Real World Projects.No coding experience required! THERE ARE A WHOLE LOT OF HTML AND CSS COURS