Icon Design in Adobe XD - From Sketching to Flat Icon Sets

Learn the fundamentals of icon design and create a beautiful flat icon set by combining and overlaying shapes Learn how to design visually engaging and cohesive icon sets in any program. I'll teach best practices on brainstorming icons, finding the right metaphors, sketching your ideas, and finally designing high resolution icons and simple icon versions that will work on smaller screens. Although I'll be teaching you in Adobe XD (because it is free), I'm going to cover tools that are also found in your favorite design programs including: Adobe Illustrator Sketch Figma Affinity Design Invision Studio and many more The concepts you learn here can be put into practice for web graphics, web design, interaction design, graphic illustration and much more. Things you will learn in this course include: Overview of Adobe XD Understanding types of icons and when to use them Creating a design brief and planning your icons to have a consistent style and colors. Researching icon metaphors and sketching your ideas Setting up your workspace for icon design Creating and merging shapes to create complex icons Using Transparency Balancing icon sizes and positions Creating a simple icon set Converting a filled icon set to outlines Exporting icons and more. Who this course is for: Graphic designers wanting to design icons Interface designers wanting to design icons Designers wanting to learn Adobe XD by example Students wanting to advance their career as a graphic or interface designer Students wanting to learn Vector Design